Choosing a Home    

The housing market is complicated because the stock of homes for sale is always in flux. Even if you could have a complete list of every home for sale at a given moment in a given community, such a list would become quickly obsolete as new homes become available and listed properties are sold.

In effect, buyers are looking at a dynamic market. So, it is important to know as much as possible about the choices in preferred markets, and the way to do that is by working closely with an experienced REALTOR® who is familiar with local markets and current real estate trends. Also, we have access to all homes on the market, including many that have not yet been advertised.

Determine What You Want in a Home 

  • What’s most important to you in a home? (neighborhood, school district, size, features, etc.)

  • What are the features you can’t live without?

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

A home is more than just a collection of bedrooms and bathrooms. Several properties - each with four bedrooms, three baths, and the same price - may well have radically different designs, commuting distances, lot sizes, tax costs, interior dimensions, exterior finishes, neighborhoods, etc.

First, list the features and benefits you want in a home. Consider such things as pricing, location, size, amenities (extras such as a pool or extra-large kitchen) and design (one floor or two, colonial or modern, etc.).

Next, determine your priorities. If you can't get a home at your price with all the features you want, then what features are most important? For instance, would you trade fewer bedrooms for a larger kitchen? A longer commute for a bigger lot and lower cost?

Last, consider your future needs. If you'll need a larger home later on, maybe now is the time to buy a bigger house rather than moving or expanding in the future.

Target Your Search

Know what your want and target your search.  Basic targeting measures, such as general location and affordability, can help you refine your search and focus on homes that offer the most desirable features.

Managing Your Search for Homes   

Give us your email and search criteria and we'll send you every listed property in your criteria by email the moment it hits the market!

When you see a property that you like for sale, Call, Text or Email us for more info and if it’s a good fit, Drive-By the property (or Google Earth it if there’s a press for time)

If the property is desirable, call us ASAP to schedule your showing! (Try for 24 hour notice when possible if the property is occupied)

*As your buyer agent, Contact US for information and your questions on properties you find in your emails, yard signs, for sale by owners, Zillow or other real estate sites. We are your representative, so please don’t call sellers or sellers agents directly.

Choose a Home

A house is shelter. But a home is far more:  it's where you live, relax, entertain friends, raise families, and work. A home is where you spend much of your life, so take your time to choose a house that can become YOUR HOME.